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Like any great team, at Whitehead Orthodontics we’re made of a multitude of talents, personalities, and strengths. All of these things come together for one thing, to provide you with an exceptional orthodontic result and an amazing experience as you get there. We work hard to bring you the best, because it is what we would want for our family members and ourselves. We are your community. We are parents, we are patients, we sit next to you at church, we cheer with you at the ball fields, we are neighbors, and we’re friends. We know what you are feeling when you walk through our doors, and we want your time with us to be the best part of your day. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished at Whitehead Orthodontics, and the beautiful smiles we’ve helped create over the years in Lexington and Columbia. We are proud to call WO home, and our smiles are Smiles Made Family.

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